Monday, February 4, 2013

Kindle Tip

I absolutely lurv my Kindle!  It goes with me everywhere. And I mean everywhere! I read on it, watch Netflix on it, stalk on Facebook on it, stalk my children on Facebook on it, and of course pin things on Pinterest on it.  Speaking of galore.  I have tried to start cooking at home more and not drive through for fast food (aka unhealthy food) so in comes my Pinterest recipes that I have pinned. 

I usually spend several minutes trying to find the pinned recipe I have in mind (that I went to the trouble of buying ingredients for) so I have come up with an easier way.  I copy and paste the recipe into a Word document (from my computer not my Kindle) then I email it to my Kindle!!! Wow.  I know. 

The recipe magically appears on my Kindle and will forever be there.  Easy peasy to find. :)  And your'e welcome.

(I blurred my email address from the picture)

You kindle has its own e-mail address.  If you do now know yours, you can find it under Manage My Kindle on Amazon.