Monday, April 22, 2013

Childhood Memories...Gone

Childhood memories......Well mine are gone.  Well not the memories, just the momentos.  Here's the story:  My parents lived in the same house for almost 40 years.  My dad saw a house for sale, looked at it, bought it, then told my mom "I bought a house."  Yep.  He did that.  Needless to say that moving after 40 years in the same house meant some purging.  So helping my mother clean out the attic became a walk down memory lane.  I found my old baby clothes, dolls, Major Morgan, just to name a few old toys.  So I put them in a trash bag to bring to my house for my daughters to see.  In the mean time......before I could show my darling daughters and spend time remembering my husband mistook them for trash (even though I placed them in an "obvious this is not trash" spot in our garage. So all my childhood momentos=GONE.  Yes I cried.  Just to have a record of some of the items I will never see again, here are some stock photos of my thrown away items. :(

What DID survive, no thanks to hubby, was my Baby Beth.  Luckily I did not stuff her in the trashbag and brought her inside to clean her up. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm old.

Two days ago my oldest daughter turned 19.  Wow-19.  It really makes me feel old.  It really feels like I should be 19 and not have a daughter that is!  I am proud of the beautiful young lady she has become.  She is just finishing her first year of college and has really made me proud.  I am impressed with her studying habits and her grades for this first year.  Especially when some of her friends have flunked a class (or 2.)  Here she is with my other daugther Mallorie.  Love them! :)