Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Peabody

A couple of weekends ago my husband's company Christmas party was held at the Peabody in Memphis. I had stayed in the Peabody in Little Rock several times when it was still the Peabody-it is now a regular old Marriot.  The Memphis Peabody kicks the Little Rock one's butt all over town.  It was beautiful! We arrived Friday, the day before the St. Jude's Marathon and the lobby was packed.  I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked because it was just too crowded.

The woodwork and decor is just amazing.  And the Christmas tree was HUGE.  Two very tall stories high. Can I fit it in my house?!  It was just so pretty.

Our room was unique.  I'm used to the standard hotel furniture when we travel for my daughter's softball team.  My hubby is a hotel snob so we usually stay in fairly nice hotels when we travel for ball, but this was above and beyond.

It was a pale teal color with such calming accents.  I loved the knitted throw on the bed!  And this mirror! I sent a pic to my 20 year old daugher and she told me to steal it! :/

The beds had sleek silver night lights that folded out to read by.  Love. (Forgot to get a pic.) And the there were motion lights behind the nightstands which I made use of several times during the night because I actually didn't sleep well.  Let's just say my husband does not share covers well.

Duckies on the pillow.

Just had to wear the robe while I was getting ready for the Christmas party. :)

Loved this inlayed tile in the elevator.

After the Christmas party Friday night, we were hungry again when we arrived in the room around 1:30 a.m. so we ordered room service.  Yummy omelets with toast and potatoes.  And check out the butter in the shape of the famous Peabody ducks!  I could get used to this.

I forgot to look at the ducks on Friday and they were not in the fountain yet when we left Saturday morning. :(  But I did get to check out the Candyland display.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gotta Remember Old Navy!

I always forget about Old Navy.  I never think to look there for some reason.  I don't find much at our local store so that may be why.  But I always find so much when shopping online.  And shipping is always free when you spend $50.  And how easy is that?!  And if I don't like it, it's so easy to just return it to the store.  I HATE having to ship items back!

Here's what I picked up on my last hit on their website:

Love this plaid shirt in the grey.  I don't like a lot of flash and plaid usually kinda scares me!  But the grey is so subtle.  And I can add some color with a cute scarf!  Maybe a striped scarf to go with the plaid?

What a great buy on a pea coat!  $40!  Shoulda got one in red too!

Love this dress!  I see it with a great statement necklace to dress it up. Or ould be great with tights too!  I'm thinking about wearing this for my husband's work Christmas party with a blingy necklace.  Looks comfy too and loose enough that I can actually eat. :)

With skinny jeans and tall boots.  Cute and cozy.  I'm going to have to stop forgetting about Old Navy! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Run Out at Buy This!

So you know when you are find out you are going to have unexpected company and you run around like a banshee and pick up the clutter that has been collecting for weeks?  And you clean the high spots in high speed?  I'm sure you've been there.  

Well one place that I always check when I may have company is our master bathroom.  My darling daughter uses our only other bathroom and let's just say-it ain't pretty.  She makes quite the mess.  Makeup and hair EVERYWHERE.  

So most of the time if we have company that I haven't planned I have them use our master bathroom (which is right off of our kitchen) instead of using hers.  Don't want them to get grossed out. :)  And one thing I try to always do before letting any guest in there is to empty the trash can.  You know what I mean?  Who wants to have anyone see the grossness in their bathroom trash can.  Dental floss.  Snot rags.  And other things we won't go into.

So it finally occured to me that I needed a trash can with a lid!  It was one of those uh huh moments. And I knew that I would be too lazy to actually lift the lid.  And I didn't want one that you had to step on a lever to make the lid pop up.  I wanted a Jetson worth trash can.  One that opens when it senses you want it to open.  In other words-a trash can with e.s.p.

Well those suckers can be expensive!  But leave it to Wal-Mart to have an affordable one!  I found this online and snatch this one up.

I just love this thing!  You put your hand in front of the lid and up it goes! It uses 4 "D" batteries which have been going strong for at least two months.  And best of all-it hides all your bathroom trash can secrets!!!  And at $24.88 it is much cheaper than an other automatic trash can I have seen.  It's a great size for our bathroom and I like the stainless stell look.  Just can't beat it! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fave Nail Colors

I am boring and pick the same color of nail polish almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I get my nails done.  I think this sort of offends the nail dude.  

In the summer my go-to shade is Opi's Bubble Bath.

Here is in on.  Love it!  And I love that it is more forgiving when I am needing a touch up! 

My fall/winter go-to shade is Opi's I Sao Paulo Over There.  I love love the edgy dark look-especially when I am wearing my nails short.  It' s sort of a dark plum/taupe.  

Here is is on.  Wow my cuticles look bad!  I've been a little under the weather and the real weather has just turned artic on us.  *Note to self-use cuticle oil!

Another one I have branched out to when I couldn't locate I Sao Paulo Over There is Opi's Taupe-less Beach.  And it's just what is says-a pretty taupe color.  Almost a dark grey.  Love. It.

Here it is on-just not on my hand.  :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Savings the Easy Way

Let me share with you how I am saving a little money here lately.

I like coupons.  We get 2 weekend papers that I get coupons from as well as printing them from online. I don't mind cutting them out.  I love saving a little money.  So when I can combine coupons with other savings I'm pretty darn excited.

There are three apps that I have been using for the last couple of months.  Well, one of the three I just started using.  

The first one (and my favorite-as I shop a Wal-Mart way. too. much)  is one you have probably heard of if you ever shop at Wal-Mart-Savings Catcher.  They were promoting it pretty heavily a couple of month ago and now I am seeing it in their ads and more.

I got the app for my iPhone and it's so easy to use.  Just open the app and click on "Scan a Receipt" and it very quickly and easily finds the Q code and you're done.  The the app goes to work!  It does the comparison pricing for you! It will compare the Wal-Mart price to local competitor advertised prices and when a lower price is found, it will give your the difference.  You can cash out for an e-gift card to it will send you an e-mail that you can print and give to the cashier in the store.  I redeemed my first $9.20 for an e-gift card and applied it to my online Wal-Mart account.  When I accumulate a little more than my current $3.39 I plan to try to print out the e-mail and use it on my next shopping trip.

The second is  my next fave-Checkout 51. 

I like this one because you can get money back on fresh fruit.  I sure never can find a coupon for that!  It takes a little more effort than Wal-Mart's Savings Catcher but so far I have $10.50 in my account.  You simply upload your receipt by taking a picture (or more than one picture if it is a 2 footer like mine usually are!)  You receipt is processed fairly quickly with this app-usually within a couple of hours.  For this one you have to wait until your account reaches $20 and then they will send you a check.

The third one I have only been using a couple of weeks so I only have $1.50.  It is the Ibotta app. 

 It is categorized first by type, then by store.  I've been using the grocery portion and then Wal-Mart.  It also have restaurants and apparel and more.  It also has Target and more in the grocery section.  And like the Checkout 51, I can get back money on things like milk, eggs, and fruit, which are not normally coupon friendly items.  This one takes a little bit of effort-you have to first scan the bar code on the product and then scan your receipt. This one has a $5.00 balance requirement before you can cash out and I plan to apply my savings directly into my PayPal account.

So with a little bit of effort I have saved a total of $24.59!!!  Not bad for a little effort.

Add this to my coupon savings and I feel like I am doing what I can to shave a little off of the mega amounts of money I spend at the store.  Hey-every little bit helps right?!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day Folks!

Life has been busy, busy, busy.  With the start of school and my youngest's volleyball games and softball practices I have barely had time to breathe!  So this Labor Day is a much needed day off and this is how I am spending it!

I am still working on redecorating both of my girls' rooms and hope to have one of them finished soon!  In my oldest's we have newly painted furniture, bedding, and a great gallery wall!  I'm still working on curtains and a few things to hang on the wall.  I also have a Goodwill find that I am planning to repaint and update. Sometime.....

My youngest's room is mostly finished, but waiting on her window seat to be recovered and I have to redo on of the projects that has failed. :(

But for today, I am going to relax and enjoy this day off from work!  And do a little laundry.  Who actually ever gets a true day off from housework???

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Goodbye Summer :(

Since school will be starting next week, I have been working like a mad woman getting my classroom ready and attending professional development meetings all week.  (60 hours required for the year!) And I'm one tired chick. 
So I decided my messy house could wait a bit and grabbed my iPad and sat by the pool and just RELAXED. 
At the end of each summer I always have such regrets.  Did I spend enough quality time with my teenagers?  Did I get my house organized enough to make it through a jam-packed school year?  Did I spend enough time just relaxing so I will be refreshed for my students when I return to school?
Life is about to be so hectic I won't know what has hit me!  Rushing every morning to get to school by 7:30, rushing around all day trying to get it all done at school-preparing lessons, making copies, taking pictures for the yearbook, attending to all my student's needs, and on and on.  Then driving to and from volleyball games to watch my youngest daughter, which means getting home late many nights and eating fast food or concession stand food.  Am I ready for all of that????
Ready or not-here it comes!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Loving My Sea Urchin

I finally jumped on the sea urchin band wagon and it's just so darn cute!  I've seen them all over and even thought about trying to DIY one but then I ran across this one at Hobby Lobby and snatched it up.  I even used my 40% coupon and got it for a steal.  Doesn't it look right at home on my bookshelf/entertainment center shelf???

All but one of the books were my grandparents and are really old.  I love having a little piece of them in my home.  I never knew my grandfather-he passed away when I was 6 weeks old.  And I think I was around 4 when my grandmother passed away so it's nice to have something of their since I really didn't get to know either one of them.  I remember these book sitting in my parents' home while I was growing up and I played library with them. :) 

And check out one of my previous Home Goods finds-the red and white quatrafoil round vase with the boxwood greenery.  I'm slowing updating my decor in my living room.  Slowly but surely.


Monday, July 28, 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I'm so glad that I'm not a young student in school anymore.  And that I will not return to school with my new backpack and a cool Trapper Keeper.  I would love to be young again, but I wouldn't want to go through school again.

But after this summer, I mostly am glad that I will not go back to school as a student and be asked to write the "What I did this summer" paper.  Surely all students have been asked to write about this topic on returning to school, right?

Well, this summer I am glad that I will not be asked to write about what I did this summer because I would feel pretty shameful having to admit that I spent a large portion of my summer curled up with my iPad watching Netflix.  But wait....I am NOT ashamed.  My job of teaching junior high students is stressful and I deserve some down time right?

However, I have spent approximately 7,480 minutes watching One Tree Hill.  And I loved every stinking minute of it!

Sure, I did other things this summer.....traveled to several states for my daughter's softball tournaments.  Took her to many softball and volleyball practices and camps.  And then did my best to get a few things done around the house. 

But I sure did waste many hours with Nathan & Hailey and the rest of the gang from Tree Hill. :)

What will I watch next???

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It Hurts My Eyes!

The sight that every teacher does NOT want to see at Wal-Mart.......
#pleasenobacktoschoolyet   #hurtsmyeyes

I was innocently strolling through Wal-Mart.  Headed for the shampoo aisle.  Then I saw it.  Back to School displays.  NOT what I wanted to see so soon. 


I love my job but I have to admit, I love my summers with my family more! 

I think this says it all.......

Monday, July 14, 2014

Colorado Vacation

I just returned from an 8 day Colorado vacation!

Wow....such a beautiful place and I hope to get to go back someday! 

I call it a vacation but it was actually for a softball tournament.  But we did get to squeeze in some fun and sight seeing thank goodness! 

We flew into Denver and rented a car then drove on to Loveland, CO where we stayed for the week.  Tired after our early morning flight, we had a quick dinner and drove to Lake Loveland and took a stroll around the lake.  With the mountain view in the background, I got excited for the views to come!

The next day was our only full day with no softball and we headed to Mount Estes and did a little souvenir shopping then headed up the mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I've never been up a mountain before....not even a small one.  And I have to admit I wimped out just before we got to the top.  I was clutching the door handle for dear life because THERE ARE NO RAILS!  You're just driving along at close to 12,000 feet elevation, on curvy roads with the wind blowing like crazy and you look over the side and NOTHING.  So, yes, I wimped out and demanded my husband to turn around and get me off. that. mountain. now.  But before I wimped out, I saw some beautiful sights.


On the way we stopped and ate at Smokin' Dave's BBQ.  It was amazing!  Hands down, best BBQ I've eaten!

The next few days were spent watching my baby do her thing playing softball. 

And stressing about my baby riding in the team van all over Colorado to different ball parks.  Am I normal that her riding in a van, with her coach driving (who I trust), stressed me out so much? 

On our way to one of the parks we took a little side trip to Lookout Mountain.  It was pretty, but nothing compared to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains National Park.  We did happen upon a mule deer on our way up.  The first wildlife we had seen so far in Colorado!

We had some time to kill before we needed to be at the ball park so we drove through Golden, CO.  Wish we would have had time to explore!

On Thursday, we were able to go back to Estes Park and Rockey Mountain National Park again.  And this time my youngest daughter/softball player got to join us along with her team mates!  And I made it all the way up this time!  I might have taken some anti-anxiety medicine this time.  Just maybe. 



But it sure was so worth it because we saw all kinds of wildlife!  I was like a little kid seeing these animals out in the wild.  Loved it!  And the snow!!  In July!! Amazing!