Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cleaning Dark Floors

I love my dark floors but…….they are almost impossible to keep looking clean.  Since we have two dogs I was not brave enough to get hardwood floors.  We have friends that are having to have someone redo their floors after 5 years due to rambunctious dogs.  We chose to go with a very dark laminate that looks to be hand scraped.  We get many compliments on them, but wowza are they hard to keep clean.  They show every spec of everything. 
 Here is a collection of my artillery for keeping my floors relatively clean looking:

1.       I use the Bona Microfiber Floor Mop to sweet up any dust or other nasty things on the floor.  I use this dry with the big white fluffy pad.  The fluffy pad Velcros to the mop and unlike other mops that Velcros this one adheres really well.  I have not had any problems of it coming loose as I did with other mops of this type.  The fluffy white pad grabs ahold of hair, dust, you name it.
2.       I then use my Electrolux stick vacuum to get anything I miss and to also suck up the pile I accumulated with the Bona fluffy mop.  I could use this to vacuum the entire floor instead of the Bona fluffy mop, but I have seen reviews on ALL stick vacuums that over time they can scratch or dull your hard floors.  This stick vacuum is worth the $149 price tag.  It has a removable brush (important to get that wrapped around hair out of), it’s cordless and has a great charging stand, has a removable hand vac, easy to empty, and it sucks like nobody’s business.  I actually purchased this to vacuum my kitchen and door rugs.  My little cheap corded stick vacuum was not doing the job.  This keeps me from having to drag out my heavy Kirby vacuum.
3.       If I’m feeling kind of lazy, which is most of the time J, I whip out my rechargeable robot, aka the Mint Floor Sweeper.  This is what I asked my mom to get for me last-last Christmas right after we got our new hard floors and I love it!  I wet the microfiber pad with the Bona floor cleaner that came with the Bona Microfiber Mop and attach the pad to the Mint and there she/he goes.  I haven’t decided yet if my little robot is a he or she???  As I lie on the couch catching up on Ellen (or The Bachelor, or American Idol), this little dandy mops my floor!  It has a little GPS box that helps it maneuver around and it does a great job getting under furniture and into the corners.  Highly recommend this little beauty.  Thanks mom. J
4.       If I’m feeling unlazy, (hey it happens sometimes) I use the Bona Spray Mop Kit.  It sprays the Bona floor cleaner in the most perfect amount and coverage and the weight of the liquid keeps me from having to scrub those little stubborn spots from the dogs doing who knows what on the floor--sneezing, snotting, don’t wanna know.  I also use this to touch up the main areas of the floor or when I forgot to recharge the Mint. 
Using these handy-dandy tools that I have accumulated over the last year, I can keep the floors mostly clean with the least amount of effort. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

H&M Home Little Girls Room

While looking for curtains for my breakfast area I came upon a new discovery--H&M Home.  I've shopped in their clothing stores to the tune of finding great bargains on staple clothing.  But I was pleased to discover they have a home section on their website.  EEK.  Nice stuff and reasonable prices. 

My "baby" is turning 14 years old tomorrow. (Where has the time gone?!?) So I guess while I was looking for curtains (no luck on H&M for curtains) my mouse just had to click on the kids room since I am feeling like my kid is almost grown up now.  :(

What I saw just made me miss those little girl years even more so I just had to put together a pretend room for a little girl.  Sad I know.  This is what I came up with...with a little bit of Target thrown in.  Wouldn't want Target to feel like I was cheating on them.

1.         Duvet Cover Set—24.95   (H&M Home)
2.         Paint in Tropical Spray  (Valspar)
3.         Pink Deer Pillow Cover—9.95   (H&M Home)
4.         Blue Ruffle Pillow Case—6.95   (H&M Home)
5.         Animal Pillow Case—5.95   (H&M Home)
6.         Squirrel Pillow—5.95   (H&M Home)
7.         Artisan Glass Lamp Base & Woven Lamp Shade—19.99/44.99 &  (Target)
8.         Decorative Letters—12.95   (H&;M Home)
9.         Pink Cotton Rug—29.95   (H&M Home)
10.      Hot Pink Chenille Throw—19.95   (H&M Home)
11.      Faux Fur Throw—34.95   (H&M Home)