Saturday, January 18, 2014

H&M Home Little Girls Room

While looking for curtains for my breakfast area I came upon a new discovery--H&M Home.  I've shopped in their clothing stores to the tune of finding great bargains on staple clothing.  But I was pleased to discover they have a home section on their website.  EEK.  Nice stuff and reasonable prices. 

My "baby" is turning 14 years old tomorrow. (Where has the time gone?!?) So I guess while I was looking for curtains (no luck on H&M for curtains) my mouse just had to click on the kids room since I am feeling like my kid is almost grown up now.  :(

What I saw just made me miss those little girl years even more so I just had to put together a pretend room for a little girl.  Sad I know.  This is what I came up with...with a little bit of Target thrown in.  Wouldn't want Target to feel like I was cheating on them.

1.         Duvet Cover Set—24.95   (H&M Home)
2.         Paint in Tropical Spray  (Valspar)
3.         Pink Deer Pillow Cover—9.95   (H&M Home)
4.         Blue Ruffle Pillow Case—6.95   (H&M Home)
5.         Animal Pillow Case—5.95   (H&M Home)
6.         Squirrel Pillow—5.95   (H&M Home)
7.         Artisan Glass Lamp Base & Woven Lamp Shade—19.99/44.99 &  (Target)
8.         Decorative Letters—12.95   (H&;M Home)
9.         Pink Cotton Rug—29.95   (H&M Home)
10.      Hot Pink Chenille Throw—19.95   (H&M Home)
11.      Faux Fur Throw—34.95   (H&M Home)


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  1. wow! I love this ^^ thanks for the awesome idea :)I wish I had your talent of putting a space together with different furniture and textures!
    kids curtains


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