Monday, February 17, 2014

Grandma Wants Her Chair Back

This is our lovely recliner that we have had for eleven years.  Eleven long years with this beauty.  It matched our sofa (that we sold on the cheap to a family member) that we purchased when we built our house 11 years ago.  It wasn’t so bad then.  I promise. 

When we purchased the granny recliner set my husband had a typical man recliner: leather, burgundy, large and in charge.  It also rocked, which I loved then because my baby was two.  (And I don't mean ROCKED!!!, I mean rocked as in moved to and fro from side to side!) Now I despise rocker recliners.  It is one of my pet peeves to be sitting in a rocker and someone (namely one of my children) come up and push on it.  Hate that. 

Two years ago, enter these beauties.  Please don't ask me why.  No offense if you own this set but I'm over them. Faux leather couch with matching chair-and-a-half with ottoman to replace the man chair.  I thought the husband would sit in the huge chair and rest his size 14’s on the ottoman.  I was wrong.  He sits in the girly flower chair shown above.  I picked this faux leather set out just for him.  It is not my taste but I thought he would like the chair and I COULD GET RID OF THE FLOWER CHAIR.  Didn’t happen. 


I quickly replaced the circle pillows with some a little more my style.  Now I am ready to give grandma her recliner back replace the granny recliner.  So I have to work around the brown sofa and big chair and ottoman (or just getover it.)  I’m thinking a recliner (not rocker) that is a little more streamlined than the normal recliner.  A little more updated.  I am a more traditional person when it comes to my decorating.  I like updated looks but nothing too trendy.  I see the white painted furniture, the distressed furniture, bright accessories and I love it. It is just not me.  I like me some earthy tones.

I'm not too concerned about whether the grandma chair's replacement "goes" with my current couch and chair/ottoman because I hope these will be replaced in the near (or not so near) future.  

So far here are the recliners that have caught my eye:

Duncan Bonded Leather Recliner from$459.00

Woodmont High Leg Recliner from Lazboy-$979.00
Manhattan Armchair Recliner In Leather Whiskey From Pottery Bar-$1999.00

PRI Larson Power Recliner from Wayfair-$684.99

Christopher Knight Home Darvis Grey Recliner Club Chair from Overstock-$218.99
I'm liking #1 and #3 the best.  I really don't plan to shell out $2000 for chair #3 though. I'm afraid #2 and #5 do not look tall enough for my 6'3" husband-who-shoulda-just-sat-in-the-chair-I-picked-out-for-him.  And #4 just looks a little too modern for my simple country self. Choices, choices!





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