Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Please Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming.....

Ok.  So there is no Ikea anywhere near where I live.  It would definitely take a ride on an airplane for me to get to visit an Ikea store.   It’s very, very sad, I know.  Someday, I vow, I shall get to join the rest of the first world and will get to go browse for hours and hours at an Ikea  to make up for lost time.

So last night I had a wonderful, very pleasant dream that I was in an Ikea.  I was getting to take my time (which is a rare thing for me at a store!) and just browse to my heart’s content.  I remember baskets.  Lots and lots of baskets.  And I even had several in my cart.  Then pots for my back porch.  Then I think I moved on to rugs.  I found the perfect rug for my naked living room floor. Then next came the leather jackets.  Yes-leather jackets.  Now I know that I have never set foot in an Ikea but I don’t think they sell leather jackets. (?) 

Anyway…..it was one of those dreams where you are sad to wake up.  I was having such a great time getting to finally experience what others take for granted.  So obviously today I had to shop online to see if I saw any of the items from my dream.  But nothing seemed familiar on their website.  Oh well.  But I did find some items that I put into my virtual shopping cart!  (But didn’t bite the bullet and purchase yet.)


Would love two of these black and white graphic pillows to add some black in the family room.

Lappljung Ruta Cushion Cover, White/Black


I really want these for our covered back patio! 


Lisel Cushion in Rope Pattern



Gulort Multicolor Cushion


I'm thinking these round placemats would work well for outdoor dining. 

Upplagg Place Mat in Brow
$3.99 Each


These black and white striped place mats would be so versitle! 

 Ljuda Placemat
$1.49 Each

Wouldn't these be great at a kitchen island? 

 Fjallberget Conference Chair


Want several sets of these! So unique. Might even work as vases? 

 Trendig Glasses
$4.99 for 2 Pack

 I need this to corral shampoos, body wash, bubble bath, etc. for my bathtub!

 Fintorp Wire Basket

Dining room or family room?  Great way to add color! 

Stockholm Rug-5' 7"x7' 10"
/ 2 pack



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