Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Shopping

My cousin's daughter is having her first baby very soon and IT'S A GIRL!   The baby mama is more like my niece and this is the first baby in our family in about 12 years so, of course, I am over the moon excited! 


My mother and I went shopping yesterday for the upcoming shower and I had so much fun!  So many new items out there, some of which I would have given my right arm to have when I had my first baby.  (Which was almost 20 years ago-EEK!)


She is registered at Target and here are the things we got her........

Tommee Tippee Bottle Set


Sassy Developmental Playmat


Munchkin Dishwasher Basket

(got the pink one though)



Munchkin Drying Rack



Circo Hooded Towel Set


Circo Wash Cloth Set


Munchkin Wipes Warmer


SwaddleMe Wraps


Carters Infant Ruffle Sandals

(Aren't these so sweet???)


Shopping for a baby was the most fun I have had shopping in a long time!  I loved seeing all the new items out there.  I tried to pick out items that I remember being useful when I had my babies.  I loved the wet wipe warmer (I think I had one of these with my second baby, but not the first.)  I used the dishwasher basket forever, even with sippee cup lids after the bottle was gone.  I used those Playtex bottles with the disposable liners so the drying rack wouldn't have worked for me.  Those Tommee Tippee bottles are so cute!  They even had them with little straws for babies with tummy problems.   That would have been so great for my babies-they both had tummy problems! 


But the item that I would have paid mucho deniro for is the SwaddleMe Wrap!  Oh my!  This would have given me so much more sleep!  Both my babies lovvvvvved to be swaddled.  I would wrap them up like a burritto when putting them to bed, but they would wiggle out of it way too soon.  I would sit and watch them and see how they would jerk awake because they lost that secure feeling from the swaddle.  These wraps seem great!  They have velcro that keeps them tight.  Would've loved these so much!



I can't wait for this little girl to get here!  It makes me want a baby-EEK!  But I think that ship has sailed since my "babies" are almost 20 and 14.  So I will just look forward to being a grandmother!  But, PLEASE, not anytime soon......

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