Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chevron Fan

I know that this chevron fan has been done countless times.  And my daughter, whose room this fan appears in, is actually already "over" chevron.  But I still like it.  It's a cheap solution to upgrade/update the white and brass builder grade fan in her room.

 Here is what it looked like before.  Ugg. Ly. 

I wish I had known about the chevron patterned Duck tape when I tackled this project.  I used Frog tape and a ruler to measure the chevron stripes and used spray paint.  It did take several coats and I was pleasantly suprised by the crispness of the stripes. I didn't even remove the tape as soon as I finished painting and let it dry completely instead.  I used flat black paint because that is what I had on hand but wish I would have used a gloss.  Still all good. 

You can also see that I painted over the brass fixtures with a silver spray paint after hubby disassembled the fan for me. It was an ugly brass, not the pretty updated gold look I am seeing everywhere now. 

I am currently, slowly, planning a major redo for her room. This redo will include new globes for this fan-maybe even a drum shade?  The black and white will hopefully work in the new room.  We shall see.

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