Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DIE Winter, DIE


Today is day #13 (I think, lost count) out of school due to snow/sleet/freezing rain/snownado (aka Snowmagedon.) The first few snow days as a teacher are welcomed.  An unexpected day off so you can sleep in, stay in your p.j.'s, sip coffee, watch Lifetime movies, spend time with your kids, is heaven.  By day 4 or 5 you start thinking about the summer days you will be giving up. Now at day 13, well....it's just ticking me off. 


Back in 2009 we missed many days (can't remember what I walk into a room for most of the time, so can't remember missed school days from 5 years ago) and we ended up going to school a couple of Saturdays.  Junior High aged kids are fun enough to handle on normal days at times.  Saturdays?!? Yeah, think on that one a second.


You would think that I would be getting all sorts of things done around the house with this time stuck at home.  Nope.  I did one load of laundry (of 37) and unloaded/loaded the dishwasher.  That's it for the day. There is a pile of junk in our bedroom from when I cleaned out our hall closet that needs to be dealt with.  Floors are dirty-but will just get dirty again when the dogs go outside/back in to do their business.  Oldest daughters bathroom is beyond disgusting.  (She has a job as well as college so I don't make her clean it often.  I know-I need to bow up on that.)  Bought a new wireless router that needs to be installed.  But that gives me hives just thinking out that one. All these things I could be knocking off my to-do list but I'm just sitting around being lazy and thinking about the fact that I'm stuck in the house.


Looking at the bright side....today's high is expected to be 28 so that means day snow day #14 tomorrow.  I'm sure I will get all of the above done.  Yeah right.

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