Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hand Me My Bag Target

Ok now, Target has done it again.  Have you seen their handbags lately?  They have some pretty nice ones right now.  And as I type this, they are BOGO!  Do I need any more signs to tell me that I need to order a couple of them? 


Here are the ones that I'm eyeballing.....

Merona Interweave Hobo Handbag  $79.99


Suede Trim Hobo $49.99


Merona Coral Hobo $36.99


Bueno Textured Tote in Cognac $39.99


Mossimo Hobo withTassel  $49.99


Here are the crossbody bags I am liking.  I always keep a crossbody bag in my car so I can stash my wallet and a few other necessities in it when I am shopping.  I carry waayyyyy too much stuff in my regular purse and if I have to carry it for very long my neck starts to hurt.  So I can just take what I have to have in my little crossbody and save me some neck pain.


Limited Edition Crossbody  $26.99


Merona Crossbody  $22.99


Meron Interweave Crossbody $49.99



I'm not sure how any of these will look in person but returns are easy with Target so it's worth the try.  My favorites that I have in my online cart (we shall see if I can resist or not) are the first one for $79.99 and for my little shopping needs, the last one for $49.99.  Now the question is...do I need to buy one get one....or buy two get two???

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