Monday, April 7, 2014

Huh? Could you repeat that?

I am in need of some me time!  This week has been busy to say the least.  And next week will be just as busy.  But I need to carve out some time to do something enjoyable.  I'm sure most working moms think this on a weekly basis though.  With kids ages 14 and 19 I know I have it easier in some ways than many moms.  I'm at a point where my kids are self sufficient....for the most part.  Or at least they can be when I force them to be. :)


But I would just like to go shopping by. my. self.  And I don't mean grocery shopping.  Or maybe even see a movie!  I am dying to see Divergent.  I read all three books but I'm afraid that the movie will be long gone from the theatre before I get the chance to go see it and I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD.  That's just not the same. :(



I loved Shailene Woodley in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and I'm excited to see her play Tris in this trilogy.  Now if only I can find time to go see it. 


But funny story.  My 14 year old daughter went to see it last night (for the 2nd time!) and my dad, who is going on 80, bless his heart, called her right before the movie.  Let's just say he MIGHT could use a hearing aid.  Bless his heart.  He asked her where she was--the movies.  Who with--a friend.  What movie is she seeing--Divergent.  He says, "Detergent?"  No--Di-verg-ent.  "Virgin?"  No--Di-verg-ent.  "Oh, okay."  He later asks me why I'm letting my 14 year old see a movie about virgins. 

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