Thursday, April 24, 2014

No Interaction Please

My 14 year old is learning to drive.  Feeling sorry for me yet?   She had absolutely no experience before this, no golf cart driving, Barbie Jeep driving....Nothing.  My 20 year old was already a decent driver before I starting teaching her to drive a car.  She first had her little red Jeep Power Wheels.  My dad changed the battery on it to a lawn mower battery and that thing would fly.  Well, it would fly for a toy anyway.  She had her own little parking spot in our garage and could parallel park.  No kidding.  Then she took over my husband's old golf cart and drove it all over our neighborhood.  Until the cops followed her and her friends home one day. So when it came time to put her behind the wheel of my car, she was good to go.

Back to my 14 year old.  She had apink Barbie Jeep and it still looked brand new the day we sold it in a garage sale.  She never drove it, so therefore no driving experience.  And the golf cart was long gone.

Her first attempt nearly had me with a busted lip before I put my seat belt on.  No joke.  So we head out in our subdivision yesterday to practice.  She did much better except for the curves.  That was a little scary.  Then.......we meet another vehicle.  She kind of freaks out a little.  She states, "I don't like interacting with other cars Mom."  Well that's not a good thing. 

Too bad we can't construct a road just for her that leads wherever she needs to go. 

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