Thursday, April 10, 2014

Travel Toiletries

We travel A LOT.  Don't be too jealous because we are not talking exotic places or fancy resorts.  We are talking softball fields.  In the 100 degree weather (or sometimes 30 degree weather.)  Part of the year we are traveling every. single. weekend.  We usually don't go too far--usually within about 4-5 hours or less.  The season is just getting started so the only trip we have made is to Birmingham, AL.  Colorado and Atlanta are on our schedule along with a few other destinations a little closer to home.


To make this less stressful, and to save myself from having to find a store to buy forgotten deoderant or a forgotten toothbrush, I keep a bag packed.  The only items I have to remember to add each weekend are my makeup and my hair straightener.  I'm too cheap to buy extras of all my makeup and definately too cheap to buy an extra hair straightener. 


Things I have in my travel bag:

  • deoderant (the sport kind-we all get really stinky!)

  • toothbrushes (with travel holders that have a suction cup to hang on mirror in hotel bathroom)

  • floss

  • toothpaste (not those tiny travel ones-the real deal)

  • hairdryer (I do not like the rinky dinky hotel ones)

  • face moisturizer

  • travel packs of Tide (those uniforms are stink-ee!)

  • make up remover cloths (for when I am too tired to actually wash my face)

  • toner (my face feels icky after dirt is blowing in it all day)

  • bobby pins & ponytail holders

  • cotton balls & Q-tips

  • Gold Bond (a must for my ball player when it is hot!)

  • (Bandaids, Ibuprofen, etc. are carried in another bag that goes with me to the ball field)


For my shower items I have a great set up.  I was buying those little travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. but we went through at least one every weekend.  So I bought these great little bottles from Target to refill.  I made sure they held enough so I won't have to refill too often.  These are bigger than what you can bring on an airplane so when we fly to Colorado later this year I will have to adjust.

Now I learned very quickly that when these are sliding around the back of a vehicle along with a cooler, softball bag, lawn chairs, etc. they LEAK.  The tops get pushed open and I have a mess.  So I unscrew the lids and put a torn peice of plastic wrap over the opening, then screw the lid back on. 


Of course we don't keep up with these little torn bits of plastic at the hotel.  That's when I use the plastic wrapping from the little plastic cups they leave for you.  :)  I tear one of those up and use when we pack up to head back home. 

These three little bottles, along with my razor, shaving cream, and face wash go in this nice little hanging travel bag.  This has been the best!  I have had this for a long time--I think I ordered it from Blue Sky Imports online (which after looking it up seems to have changed to Belvah Trading Company But I have seen different versions of these around, even at TJ Maxx.  I can just hang it in the bathroom and we can use the items out of it.  That way I won't forget my little bottles in the hotel shower. 


If you travel often, I recommend just biting the bullet and buying an extra of everything you may need.  It sure does take the stress of traveling down a notch.

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