Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homegoods-Yes I Went There

I finally got to go to Homegoods!  The nearest one is about two hours away and I've not been to that one.  But I did go to one in Alabama recently.


I was like a chubby kid let loose in a candy store.  Just ask my two friends that were with me.  I think they were in awe of my shopping gung-ho-ness.  I went down each and every aisle very slowing and carefully to take everything in.  It was intense.  It was almost too much for me to take in all at once! Sensory overload.


I walked away almost $200 poorer but me oh my, I found the motherload!  Every single item I purchased was something I had been on the look out for!  I wanted to take picture of the experience but didn't want to embarrass anyone. 


What I found:  (EEK! I'm still jacked.)


I needed a box with a lid for our desk.  I am going to use it to keep computer cords, camera card readers, and my label maker hidden from view.  I previously had them in an open decorator box and I don't like seeing the jumbled mess of cords.  This box will nip that in the bud and look pretty at the same time.



I purchased these four cloth baskets for clean laundry.  I put all clean undies, sox, bras, p.j.'s in these and my family empties it out if they want clean stuff.  Or they can just make a trip to the laundry room everyday if they want.  Their choice.  I got one for each of us.  My hubby will get the smallest one because he's good about emptying his out often.  Oldest daughter will get the next one up in size.  I will get the next to the largest one because I'm not very good about emptying mine out.  I consider walking to the laundry room each day to retrieive my undies a good form of exercise.  The youngest daughter gets the biggest one.  She changes clothes more than Cher changes outfits in Las Vegas. 



Whatcha think about this little beauty?  I love it and plan to bring a little color in our all brown family room with this. And I love this little round bunch of green plastic! Doesn't it just look scrumptious sitting in the red vase? Love it!


And I purchased these two coordinating quilts for my girls' beds.  I have plans to redecorate their rooms this summer.  Paint and all!  And since they don't make their beds, this will serve as their blanket to keep them warm as well as their bedding.  I have decided to not buy them a comforter or coverlet or what ever you choose to call those things.  Why bother when it ends up in a closet or on the floor?


That's my Homegoods haul.  I can't wait to go back someday!


And by the way.  The two friends I went with-well they did not buy one thing.  Nothing.  I don't know if we can be friends anymore.

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