Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Much Needed Day Off!

It was back to work for me yesterday after a much needed day off from work/school!  We were out of town for softball from Friday until Sunday so getting the day off from school for Memorial Day was sooooo needed.  (Thank you to all Veterans, including my Dad, for your sacrifices!)


Since our school chose to go to school during our Spring Break to make up for the 16 (yes...16!) snow days we had this winter, the day off was very appreciated!  And since we have been out of town most weekends for softball (which I love and wouldn't trade for the world!), it was nice to have that down time.


My day started off sleeping in until 7:45.  What happened to my days of youth when I could sleep until noon?!?  I watched a little morning television (Kelly and Michael and The View) and then did a little laundry.  (Can't let those softball clothes sit-they are some STINKY!) 


Then the rest of the day was spent like this........


A Little Pool Volleyball!


We designed our pool with pool volleyball in mind-we love it that much!  It is one depth all the way across and we had holes for the net done when the concrete was poured.  Most of our time in our pool is spent playing volleyball or laying out on a raft to tan. 


Pork Steaks on the Big Green Egg-Yummmmmm!

All I can say about the Big Green Egg is IT'S THE BOMB!  We absolutely love it!  Any meat cooked on it is exceptional.  My husband cooked some pork steaks on there for about 4 hours and they were so tender and flavorful.  Burgers, steaks, veggies--everything has such a good flavor.  We hardly ever use our gas grill any more.


Finally Putting Flowers in My Planters!

I grabbed some flowers and an ornamental grass to liven things up around our pool a little.  The pot on the right had something green come up from last year.  Wish I could remember what it is!


It was a great day in which I rested A LOT and accomplished a little too. :)


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