Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shopping With My Girls

I'm wiped.  I guess I'll chalk it up to getting old.  After school yesterday I took my two girls shopping.  And we shopped til we I dropped. We crammed a whole lot of shopping in a mere six hours.  Getting home at 10:30 p.m. makes this old woman TIRED. are some of our finds:



These are THE BOMB.  The soles are made out of yoga mats.  The upper part is a nice, stretchy knit.  Cute and comfy.  I have a pair from last summer and I bought a pair for my oldest daughter, AKA, the birthday girl. 



I got these for my 14-year-old but I would love them for myself. (Me-size 7 + Daughter-size 10=Can't Share) I think these would be cute with a pair of jean capris and a bright colored tee.  Of course I would wear them without socks-I told my daughter that these remind me of the Keds we used to wear in the 80's and that we wore them with white socks turned down.  I wish you could have seen the look on her face.  Her response was, "Just don't Mom."



Picked up this cute little grey pillow for my mom.  She had knee replacement surgery (OUCH) last Monday and needed something to prop her leg upon.  I did try to find one a little cheaper that would work but unless I wanted a hot pink teeny bopper one, no luck.  I can always steal it back from her when she is all healed.


$29.90 Buy One/Get One for $9.90


Love these tees from Express.  My 14 year old old the blue one and I got the black and white one.  I'm boring and wear way too much black!


Got this cute bra and I'm loving the neon straps! I picked up a plain Jane one since they were two for


We finished the night with a great meal at Olive Garden...yum.


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