Monday, June 23, 2014

Monogram Door Swag

I saw a version of this Monogram Door Swag somewhere on Pinterest and then I hit up Hobby Lobby and found the supplies to make my own!    I am not that crafty and the bow totally stressed me out, but I finally made my own swag for our front door! Pat myself on the back. :)

I purchased the following:

3 Boxwood Greenery............................$17.99
   ($11.99 ea. but 50% off)
Burlap Ribbon.......................................$5.99
Printed Burlap Ribbon............................$4.19
   ($6.99 and used the 40 $ off coupon)
Floral Wire............................................$1.19
"M" Black Wooden Letter .......................$7.99


Here's how I put it together:

1.  I used floral wire to tie together the 3 pieces of greenery.  I first taped them with clear packing tape to make this a little easier.  Notice that the stem in the middle is lower than the outer two to take the swag point in the middle at the bottom.

2.  I then made the bow using the printed burlap layered on the plain burlap ribbon.  It took several tries, and is far from perfect, but I hope it resembles a bow.  There are many tutorials for making bows and I read a few and just made loops and twisted.  I then used the floral wire to wrap it tight.  I did miss one of the loops that later came loose and I just hot glued it back in place.

3. I then took the end of the ribbon that was left when I finished and made a loop that I hot glued down.

4.  I then attached the bow on top of the greenery using floral wire.  I looped it and wove it through the stems to make it more secure.

5.  I doubled up a piece of floral wire and looped it around the stems to attach my letter.  I then hot glued each end to the letter.  And then I hot glued some more.  Some letters would allow you to loop a piece of ribbon around them to attach (like an "O" or an "S").  This was hard to photograph.  This picture shows one side of my wire that I glued to one side of the letter.  I glued the other end of wire to the other side of the letter.

6.  I then made a loop using the floral wire and wrapped at around the stems to have a hook to hang it with.  And the best part.....hanging it on my front door!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Hair Straightener On the Cheap



I wear my hair straight every. single. day.  I have just enough curl (frizz) to be a nusiance but not enough to wear my hair curly.  So I straighten it every day using a flat iron/hair straightener.  Between my two daughters and me, we have gone through about 6 Chi Flat Irons.  At $100 a pop, that sure has added up.  I got tired of having one for a little over a year and then it would quit heating up or just not get hot enough to do the job anymore. 



I bought most of them through my hair dresser, one on Ebay, and one on Amazon that lasted maybe 5 months.  It got old having to replace them every year or so.


I next bought the Bio Ionic 1 1/2 inch from my hair dresser.  This one ran about $150 when I bought it (you can get it now for $79 from the Amazon link below)  but I decided to spend the extra money since my research said it lasted longer than an Chi and it did-about 3 years so far for mine.  My daughter used it and loved it and we ordered her one, too. My daughter's unfortunately did not last as long.  Hers lasted a little over 2 years.  Still better than a Chi.  And I have to say-It does get really hot which results in straighter hair but you have to be careful not to damage your hair.  I did have to get used to the extra 1/2 inch in size, but I really do like this straightener.  It really takes less time to get your hair good and straight due to the higher heat.

Bio-Ionic RTX-450 Digital Iron, 1.25"


Well, when my daughter's went kaput recently we just shared for a little bit.  We shower and do our hair at different times so it worked out ok.  Just a little bit of a hassle going into her bathroom to use it, but doable.  But then she was leaving for a trip with one of her friends and had to take it with her leaving me with my frizz.  So until I got to my hair dresser to order one for her I just went to Wal-Mart and bought a cheap one there.  Well suprise!  I like it just as well as the Chi!  It may not work quite as well as the Bio Ionic but for $30-I love it! 




Remington Pearl Pro 1 Inch


It's the Remington Pearl Pro 1 Inch and it works great! Also, when I take it with me traveling I don't feel as though I have to hide it at the hotel.  Sounds bad, but I had one of my Chi straighteners come up missing at a hotel.  After throwing a fit, they "found" it.  Imagine that. :)  If this one were to get "lost" by leaving it out on the counter during a hotel stay, then I'm not out that much money.


If you don't want to spend $100+ then I highly recommend the Remington Pearl Pro.  I've been using it for about 3 months and it's still working great for me and my frizz. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day.....

My hubby's Father's Day gift arrived by UPS today.  I could've hid it from him and made him wait until Father's Day.  But it was too heavy.  And I'm lazy.  So he saw it and I said "Happy Father's Day" and "Have fun putting it together!"  Aren't I sweet?

But I do hope he likes it!  He spends much of his free time (when he is not working or practicing softball with our daughter) grilling some tasty food.  He loves to grill and I love to eat, so it's a win, win!  He needed a place to store his wood chips and other things that are involved in grilling.  Truthfully I have not a clue what is involved in grilling.  Like I said, I just like to eat it.

But this little cutie will hopefully give him a spot to store a few items by his Green Egg and give him a place to sit a platter and such.

I like how the top can fold down to allow him to store it away in the corner of my his man cave.  And he will like that it has wheels so he can move it where he needs it.  And for $99 and free shipping with my Target Red Card, the price was right on.

We already have this wicker-look trashcan that we love.  It uses a standard 33 gallon trash bag and with the closing lid, we can leave it outside and not worry about an animal digging in it.  Not that we have many animals in our back yard, but you never know. 

I think the dark brown top of the cart will go nicely with the trash can and other dark brown items we have in our back yard.  We are slowly getting our back yard looking pretty good. :)

We will see now how long it takes for him to get the cart put together now........

Friday, June 6, 2014

Run Out and Buy This!

Or grab your smart phone and download it. :)



Sleep Cycle App


I just love this app and I really feel that it has helped me have more productive mornings.  It's called the Sleep Cycle app and I downloaded it on my iPhone 5s for 99¢.  It analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. 


My normal old alarm clock had that blaring noise that went off right when you are having a really good dream . Or when you are in such a good sleep that you want to rip it from the wall when it goes off.


You place your phone at the corner of your mattress right under your sheet and it detects your movements as you sleep.  You set the alarm for a range of up to 30 minutes (I set my range for 20 minutes) and during that time frame when  you are in a lighter sleep, it will begin waking you up with a soft, soothing noise that gradually gets louder.


So instead of a blaring alarm that jerks you awake from a deep sleep, a nice soothing noise gently wakes you up.  How nice is that?


I'm a snooze button lover and all you have to do is tap your phone and it will let you snooze until your time range is over.  See how considerate it is? :)


You can choose from several soothing sounds to wake up to, but get this, you can also choose sounds to go to sleep with.  How about going to sleep listening to the sound of the ocean?  I've always wanted a sound machine but knew my husband would complain if I had one sitting on my nightstand, but with this right by my head he cannot hear it at all.  And this smart little app knows when you have fallen asleep and will shut the sound of the ocean (or whichever one you choose) off. the morning which you have softly woken up, you can see how it analyzed your sleep!  It keeps up with how long you were in bed and gives you a percentage of your sleep quality after it gatheres info for five days.  Pretty interesting I must say to see when your sleep quality goes up and/or down. 



After using this app for about a month, I really do feel more refreshed in the mornings.  It's definitely easier to get out of bed and some mornings I even wake up naturally BEFORE it starts waking me up!  So much better than getting woken up by a rude, blaring alarm clock! 


But just to be clear-I'm now on summer break and do not have to set an alarm! :)  But I can still use the Sleep Cycle app to analyse my sleeping-so it can tell me all the extra sleep I'm getting!!! :)


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer-When I Have Finally Have a Lunch Hour




My bachelor degree is in Business Administration and after college I went to work at a mechanical contractor as a glorified secretary.  It was a somewhat flexible job and that was important since I had just had a baby.  (I planned my pregnancy and was pregnant when I graduated college.) 


I miss several things about working in the "real world" compared to my job as a teacher.  I miss getting to go pee when I need to.  (It's amazing how my bladder has adapted to teaching!)  I miss the calmness of working in an office.  I miss being around adults.  (I love working with kids but since it is 5 days until summer they are starting to get just a tad bit wild!)  But the thing I miss most is GETTING A LUNCH HOUR! 


Oh the things I used to get accomplished during my lunch hour!  I could make a quick run to the store or to the bank.  I could even sit down and relax for a FULL HOUR when I chose to bring my lunch to work.  Or, if I so chose, I could go to a real restaurant and have someone actually bring my ordered meal to my table.  Or drive through Sonic and get a greasy burger with some yummy onion rings. 


Not so much with being a teacher.  Here's my lunch "hour:"


  • 11:15--Bell rings.

  • 11:-15-11:17--Kids take a couple of minutes to gather their things, ask what is for lunch even though I already told the class.

  • 11:17-11:25--I walk down a long hallway to the lounge to get my food and bottled water out of the fridge and  microwave my food if needed then walk back down the long hallway to my room.

  • 11:25-11:45--I sit down at my desk to eat (I need peace and quiet!) and read my Kindle.

  • 11:45--Bell rings for kids to come back to class.

So if you do the math, that's 20 minutes to eat.   I really do miss my lunch hours.  But working with my students and watching them learn, not to mention summer vacation, makes it worth every missed lunch hour minute.