Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day.....

My hubby's Father's Day gift arrived by UPS today.  I could've hid it from him and made him wait until Father's Day.  But it was too heavy.  And I'm lazy.  So he saw it and I said "Happy Father's Day" and "Have fun putting it together!"  Aren't I sweet?

But I do hope he likes it!  He spends much of his free time (when he is not working or practicing softball with our daughter) grilling some tasty food.  He loves to grill and I love to eat, so it's a win, win!  He needed a place to store his wood chips and other things that are involved in grilling.  Truthfully I have not a clue what is involved in grilling.  Like I said, I just like to eat it.

But this little cutie will hopefully give him a spot to store a few items by his Green Egg and give him a place to sit a platter and such.

I like how the top can fold down to allow him to store it away in the corner of my his man cave.  And he will like that it has wheels so he can move it where he needs it.  And for $99 and free shipping with my Target Red Card, the price was right on.

We already have this wicker-look trashcan that we love.  It uses a standard 33 gallon trash bag and with the closing lid, we can leave it outside and not worry about an animal digging in it.  Not that we have many animals in our back yard, but you never know. 

I think the dark brown top of the cart will go nicely with the trash can and other dark brown items we have in our back yard.  We are slowly getting our back yard looking pretty good. :)

We will see now how long it takes for him to get the cart put together now........

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