Friday, June 6, 2014

Run Out and Buy This!

Or grab your smart phone and download it. :)



Sleep Cycle App


I just love this app and I really feel that it has helped me have more productive mornings.  It's called the Sleep Cycle app and I downloaded it on my iPhone 5s for 99¢.  It analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. 


My normal old alarm clock had that blaring noise that went off right when you are having a really good dream . Or when you are in such a good sleep that you want to rip it from the wall when it goes off.


You place your phone at the corner of your mattress right under your sheet and it detects your movements as you sleep.  You set the alarm for a range of up to 30 minutes (I set my range for 20 minutes) and during that time frame when  you are in a lighter sleep, it will begin waking you up with a soft, soothing noise that gradually gets louder.


So instead of a blaring alarm that jerks you awake from a deep sleep, a nice soothing noise gently wakes you up.  How nice is that?


I'm a snooze button lover and all you have to do is tap your phone and it will let you snooze until your time range is over.  See how considerate it is? :)


You can choose from several soothing sounds to wake up to, but get this, you can also choose sounds to go to sleep with.  How about going to sleep listening to the sound of the ocean?  I've always wanted a sound machine but knew my husband would complain if I had one sitting on my nightstand, but with this right by my head he cannot hear it at all.  And this smart little app knows when you have fallen asleep and will shut the sound of the ocean (or whichever one you choose) off. the morning which you have softly woken up, you can see how it analyzed your sleep!  It keeps up with how long you were in bed and gives you a percentage of your sleep quality after it gatheres info for five days.  Pretty interesting I must say to see when your sleep quality goes up and/or down. 



After using this app for about a month, I really do feel more refreshed in the mornings.  It's definitely easier to get out of bed and some mornings I even wake up naturally BEFORE it starts waking me up!  So much better than getting woken up by a rude, blaring alarm clock! 


But just to be clear-I'm now on summer break and do not have to set an alarm! :)  But I can still use the Sleep Cycle app to analyse my sleeping-so it can tell me all the extra sleep I'm getting!!! :)


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