Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer-When I Have Finally Have a Lunch Hour




My bachelor degree is in Business Administration and after college I went to work at a mechanical contractor as a glorified secretary.  It was a somewhat flexible job and that was important since I had just had a baby.  (I planned my pregnancy and was pregnant when I graduated college.) 


I miss several things about working in the "real world" compared to my job as a teacher.  I miss getting to go pee when I need to.  (It's amazing how my bladder has adapted to teaching!)  I miss the calmness of working in an office.  I miss being around adults.  (I love working with kids but since it is 5 days until summer they are starting to get just a tad bit wild!)  But the thing I miss most is GETTING A LUNCH HOUR! 


Oh the things I used to get accomplished during my lunch hour!  I could make a quick run to the store or to the bank.  I could even sit down and relax for a FULL HOUR when I chose to bring my lunch to work.  Or, if I so chose, I could go to a real restaurant and have someone actually bring my ordered meal to my table.  Or drive through Sonic and get a greasy burger with some yummy onion rings. 


Not so much with being a teacher.  Here's my lunch "hour:"


  • 11:15--Bell rings.

  • 11:-15-11:17--Kids take a couple of minutes to gather their things, ask what is for lunch even though I already told the class.

  • 11:17-11:25--I walk down a long hallway to the lounge to get my food and bottled water out of the fridge and  microwave my food if needed then walk back down the long hallway to my room.

  • 11:25-11:45--I sit down at my desk to eat (I need peace and quiet!) and read my Kindle.

  • 11:45--Bell rings for kids to come back to class.

So if you do the math, that's 20 minutes to eat.   I really do miss my lunch hours.  But working with my students and watching them learn, not to mention summer vacation, makes it worth every missed lunch hour minute.

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