Monday, July 14, 2014

Colorado Vacation

I just returned from an 8 day Colorado vacation!

Wow....such a beautiful place and I hope to get to go back someday! 

I call it a vacation but it was actually for a softball tournament.  But we did get to squeeze in some fun and sight seeing thank goodness! 

We flew into Denver and rented a car then drove on to Loveland, CO where we stayed for the week.  Tired after our early morning flight, we had a quick dinner and drove to Lake Loveland and took a stroll around the lake.  With the mountain view in the background, I got excited for the views to come!

The next day was our only full day with no softball and we headed to Mount Estes and did a little souvenir shopping then headed up the mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I've never been up a mountain before....not even a small one.  And I have to admit I wimped out just before we got to the top.  I was clutching the door handle for dear life because THERE ARE NO RAILS!  You're just driving along at close to 12,000 feet elevation, on curvy roads with the wind blowing like crazy and you look over the side and NOTHING.  So, yes, I wimped out and demanded my husband to turn around and get me off. that. mountain. now.  But before I wimped out, I saw some beautiful sights.


On the way we stopped and ate at Smokin' Dave's BBQ.  It was amazing!  Hands down, best BBQ I've eaten!

The next few days were spent watching my baby do her thing playing softball. 

And stressing about my baby riding in the team van all over Colorado to different ball parks.  Am I normal that her riding in a van, with her coach driving (who I trust), stressed me out so much? 

On our way to one of the parks we took a little side trip to Lookout Mountain.  It was pretty, but nothing compared to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains National Park.  We did happen upon a mule deer on our way up.  The first wildlife we had seen so far in Colorado!

We had some time to kill before we needed to be at the ball park so we drove through Golden, CO.  Wish we would have had time to explore!

On Thursday, we were able to go back to Estes Park and Rockey Mountain National Park again.  And this time my youngest daughter/softball player got to join us along with her team mates!  And I made it all the way up this time!  I might have taken some anti-anxiety medicine this time.  Just maybe. 



But it sure was so worth it because we saw all kinds of wildlife!  I was like a little kid seeing these animals out in the wild.  Loved it!  And the snow!!  In July!! Amazing!



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