Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jewelry Organizer

This was a life changing project for my daughter and me!  That sounds somewhat dramatic but it is so true.  Let me just say that she is not the neatest person.  To be honest-she is a complete SLOB.  Bless her heart. 


One other thing about my darling daughter, she loves her jewelry.  Which makes it easy to buy those little stocking stuffers, small Easter and Valentine's Day presents.  Just get her a pretty little bracelet or earrings and she's a happy camper. 


Her necklaces used to be kept inside her closest door hanging on Command hooks.  Every time she opened and closed the door (in reality-everytime I closed the door and she would open it-because she would just leave it wide open at all times.) the necklaces would swing back and forth and get tangled into a knotted mess.  Guess who was the necklace detangler? They would also get knocked off into the floor until they met the match of my vacuum cleaner.


The main problem though was not the tangling, dropping onto the floor mess it made but the fact that she would not put the necklaces back on the hook because "it took to long to find it the next time."  With not enough room for many hooks on her closet door (because we couldn't cover up the Edward Cullen poster) there were too many necklaces on each hook.  So necklaces could be found anywhere-on her nightstand, in her nightstand, on her bed, hanging on doorknobs, hanging on dresser drawer knobs...you get the idea. 


I ran across this frame with a sheet metal insert at TJ Maxx for around $50 one day and snagged it immediately.  I then purchased every package of magnetic hooks my Wal-Mart had.  Then wiped them out again when they restocked.  Framed sheet metal + magnetic hooks=necklace sanity.


The magnetics hooks are great since they allow her to adjust for necklace length as needed.  She can move them around as she gets new necklaces and gets rid of ones she no longer wears.  She also hangs her sunglass in the summer.  You could hange bracelets on these hooks as well-she keeps her bracelets in an organizer on the top of her dresser. 


This has been the best necklace storage ever!  She actually puts them back on the hooks!  It's a miracle!  It really has been a lifesaver a necklace saver.  And it looks pretty as a bonus! Win-win. 


I couldn't find the magnetic hooks I purchased on Wal-Mart's website, but here are some that come in a pack of 4 four around $3.00.

I plan to make my youngest daughter a smaller version.  (She is not a jewelry-a-holic like my older girl so a small one with suffice.)  I plan to use an existing frame and add the sheet metal myself.  Unless I run across one that would work without spending too much. 


She has been using this for about a year now and it's still looking good.  No more necklaces sucked up by the vacuum cleaner and I don't have to bite my tounge when I find a necklace in the washing machine after I have washed her sheets.  It's the little things people.  :)


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  1. totally fab idea! love it and need one for the granddaughter!


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