Saturday, August 9, 2014

Loving My Sea Urchin

I finally jumped on the sea urchin band wagon and it's just so darn cute!  I've seen them all over and even thought about trying to DIY one but then I ran across this one at Hobby Lobby and snatched it up.  I even used my 40% coupon and got it for a steal.  Doesn't it look right at home on my bookshelf/entertainment center shelf???

All but one of the books were my grandparents and are really old.  I love having a little piece of them in my home.  I never knew my grandfather-he passed away when I was 6 weeks old.  And I think I was around 4 when my grandmother passed away so it's nice to have something of their since I really didn't get to know either one of them.  I remember these book sitting in my parents' home while I was growing up and I played library with them. :) 

And check out one of my previous Home Goods finds-the red and white quatrafoil round vase with the boxwood greenery.  I'm slowing updating my decor in my living room.  Slowly but surely.


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