Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gotta Remember Old Navy!

I always forget about Old Navy.  I never think to look there for some reason.  I don't find much at our local store so that may be why.  But I always find so much when shopping online.  And shipping is always free when you spend $50.  And how easy is that?!  And if I don't like it, it's so easy to just return it to the store.  I HATE having to ship items back!

Here's what I picked up on my last hit on their website:

Love this plaid shirt in the grey.  I don't like a lot of flash and plaid usually kinda scares me!  But the grey is so subtle.  And I can add some color with a cute scarf!  Maybe a striped scarf to go with the plaid?

What a great buy on a pea coat!  $40!  Shoulda got one in red too!

Love this dress!  I see it with a great statement necklace to dress it up. Or ould be great with tights too!  I'm thinking about wearing this for my husband's work Christmas party with a blingy necklace.  Looks comfy too and loose enough that I can actually eat. :)

With skinny jeans and tall boots.  Cute and cozy.  I'm going to have to stop forgetting about Old Navy! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Run Out at Buy This!

So you know when you are find out you are going to have unexpected company and you run around like a banshee and pick up the clutter that has been collecting for weeks?  And you clean the high spots in high speed?  I'm sure you've been there.  

Well one place that I always check when I may have company is our master bathroom.  My darling daughter uses our only other bathroom and let's just say-it ain't pretty.  She makes quite the mess.  Makeup and hair EVERYWHERE.  

So most of the time if we have company that I haven't planned I have them use our master bathroom (which is right off of our kitchen) instead of using hers.  Don't want them to get grossed out. :)  And one thing I try to always do before letting any guest in there is to empty the trash can.  You know what I mean?  Who wants to have anyone see the grossness in their bathroom trash can.  Dental floss.  Snot rags.  And other things we won't go into.

So it finally occured to me that I needed a trash can with a lid!  It was one of those uh huh moments. And I knew that I would be too lazy to actually lift the lid.  And I didn't want one that you had to step on a lever to make the lid pop up.  I wanted a Jetson worth trash can.  One that opens when it senses you want it to open.  In other words-a trash can with e.s.p.

Well those suckers can be expensive!  But leave it to Wal-Mart to have an affordable one!  I found this online and snatch this one up.

I just love this thing!  You put your hand in front of the lid and up it goes! It uses 4 "D" batteries which have been going strong for at least two months.  And best of all-it hides all your bathroom trash can secrets!!!  And at $24.88 it is much cheaper than an other automatic trash can I have seen.  It's a great size for our bathroom and I like the stainless stell look.  Just can't beat it! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fave Nail Colors

I am boring and pick the same color of nail polish almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I get my nails done.  I think this sort of offends the nail dude.  

In the summer my go-to shade is Opi's Bubble Bath.

Here is in on.  Love it!  And I love that it is more forgiving when I am needing a touch up! 

My fall/winter go-to shade is Opi's I Sao Paulo Over There.  I love love the edgy dark look-especially when I am wearing my nails short.  It' s sort of a dark plum/taupe.  

Here is is on.  Wow my cuticles look bad!  I've been a little under the weather and the real weather has just turned artic on us.  *Note to self-use cuticle oil!

Another one I have branched out to when I couldn't locate I Sao Paulo Over There is Opi's Taupe-less Beach.  And it's just what is says-a pretty taupe color.  Almost a dark grey.  Love. It.

Here it is on-just not on my hand.  :)