Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Peabody

A couple of weekends ago my husband's company Christmas party was held at the Peabody in Memphis. I had stayed in the Peabody in Little Rock several times when it was still the Peabody-it is now a regular old Marriot.  The Memphis Peabody kicks the Little Rock one's butt all over town.  It was beautiful! We arrived Friday, the day before the St. Jude's Marathon and the lobby was packed.  I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked because it was just too crowded.

The woodwork and decor is just amazing.  And the Christmas tree was HUGE.  Two very tall stories high. Can I fit it in my house?!  It was just so pretty.

Our room was unique.  I'm used to the standard hotel furniture when we travel for my daughter's softball team.  My hubby is a hotel snob so we usually stay in fairly nice hotels when we travel for ball, but this was above and beyond.

It was a pale teal color with such calming accents.  I loved the knitted throw on the bed!  And this mirror! I sent a pic to my 20 year old daugher and she told me to steal it! :/

The beds had sleek silver night lights that folded out to read by.  Love. (Forgot to get a pic.) And the there were motion lights behind the nightstands which I made use of several times during the night because I actually didn't sleep well.  Let's just say my husband does not share covers well.

Duckies on the pillow.

Just had to wear the robe while I was getting ready for the Christmas party. :)

Loved this inlayed tile in the elevator.

After the Christmas party Friday night, we were hungry again when we arrived in the room around 1:30 a.m. so we ordered room service.  Yummy omelets with toast and potatoes.  And check out the butter in the shape of the famous Peabody ducks!  I could get used to this.

I forgot to look at the ducks on Friday and they were not in the fountain yet when we left Saturday morning. :(  But I did get to check out the Candyland display.