Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to the Grind

Holy Moly that was rough!  Getting up and around and out the door by 7:20 this morning was a bit more than I was ready for!

Not to mention it was a chilling 19°.  After sleeping in later and later each day of my 2 week break I literally pushed snooze on my phone 6 times.  Yep.  And still made it to work on time. 

One good thing about junior high students is that they are even more tired than you are after a break. :)  They've all stayed up much later than I could even think about doing so they are dragging their butts just as bad.

Now tomorrow I have to be there even 15 minutes early to watch the little darlings eat their pancakes and/or yogurt parfait.  Probably won't make it on time.  Two days in a row would be pushing it!

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