Monday, January 12, 2015

Check out these great deals!

Now is the time to get you some new boots!  Boots are not going to be going out of style so why not buy them now when they are cheaper rather than wait until next fall?!  I snagged me this pair at a great savings and I LOVE them.

Now these are wide calf to fit my "oh I wish I were taller and leaner" chunky legs. And at $149.90 these were only 20% off.  But what a savings from the $189.95!  They feel and look great!  And I love a wide calf boot that does not have that stretchy material on it to make it wide calf.  This one is just great!

But if you are blessed with normal width legs check these Vince Camuto black boots out that are 50% off!  

Love the lower heel and at $98.96 when they were $197.95-what a great deal!  I like that these could be worn with jeans as well with a casual dress or leggings.  Buy now cause you know these will still look great next fall!  

My oldest daughter has a pair of Vince boots she splurged on for $200 and has worn them over 2 years and they still look great.  She says they are the most comfortable boots she owns.

I'm wishing I would have ordered these. I love this grayish color and I think I could do this wedge heel.  

And get this.....they were $144.95 and are now only $57.98!!! I might have to go back and order these.

I have a brown pair of booties and they are oh so comfortable.  I love wearing them with skinny jeans or skinny pants.  I can wear booties to teach all day and still be comfortable.  Boots sometimes are not as comfy to move around in all day.

I haven't done much ordering from Nordstrom.    I've always thought they were too pricey but I have seen some affordable items lately. And with free shipping and return shipping I am definitely going to continue shopping on there.

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