Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Run Out and Buy This!

Ok....I am cheap.  I use coupons.  I hunt for bargains.  I hate paying full price, even though I do sometimes.  

But I just spent $24 on lipstick and I'm proud of it.  I tried my daughter's the other day while we were out shopping and I was hooked!  

I am picky about lipstick.  It cannot have a taste.  It cannot be sticky.  It has to feel good on my lips. And usually it has to be cheap.  I usually use Burt's Bees???? and wrote about it here.   No taste...check.  Not sticky...check.  Cheap...double check.  And works like Carmex to heal and moisturize.  Love it.

Sometimes you want a little more color.  And boy does this have it.  And the color!  Whoa!  It has great pigment which I love!

Love. Love. Love.  Worth every penny.  It just feels great-like butta!  Well  not really, that would be gross.

I love the pencil shape which allows you to line your lips without have a harsh skinny line from a lip pencil.  And it twist up so there's not sharpening.  

My daughter's that I tried was this color--

Very pretty color but a little more pink whereas Exposed is more rusty.  I loved her color but didn't want to buy the exact one so we can trade. :)  Smart right?  Or cheap?

So if you don't mind splurging ($24 for lipstick is a splurge for me!) for lipstick then you oughta give this a try.  It will not disappoint.

I am at school waiting on our last bell to go home (shhh that I'm on my blog!) and do not have it with me or I would put some on a take a pic.  So alas here is a pic I found of someone else wearing it.  Very accurate pic of the color.  And her lips are prettier than mine anyway. :(

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