Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Baked Pototoes

It's pretty difficult to mess up a baked potato right? About the only way to mess up a baked potato is to not cook it long enough.  But an hour and a half in the oven on about 425 has always worked for me even for those big honking potatoes.

But I wanted to make it even better!  I googled how to cook a baked potato and used a couple of different sources and tried it my way.

Grab you some sea salt and olive oil.... and of course-potatoes!

PS.  Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics.  Was already running late getting these in the oven so I used my phone. :(

Here is what you will need:

  • Potatoes (however many-I like Russett)
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Optional-Shredded cheese (I used store brand Sharp Cheddar)
  • Optional-Bacon Pieces (I used Oscar Myer Real Bacon pieces)

I wanted to put a rush on my potato baking since I fell asleep (!?) and didn't have as much time as I needed.  So I washed my Russetts and poked them a few times with a fork so they won't explode in the microwave and nuked them.  Mine were pretty big potatoes so I put 5 in there for about 15 minutes. Just enough to get the cooking started.

In the meantime I mixed a few tablespoons of olive oil with some sea salt.  

When the microwave finished I brushed the potatoes with the olive oil and salt mixture.  Not too much, just a thin layer.  

I then wrapped them loosely in aluminum foil.  By wrapping them loosely it allows a little air/heat to get in to the potato so the oil doesn't make it soggy.  But without any foil then the skins get too crispy.  Clear as mud?

Oh the blurrrrr.  Sorry.

Pop those suckers in the oven at 425 and bake for about 1 hour.

 (Please don't look at the bottom of my oven.)

I didn't tell my family that I had done anything different to the potaotes this time.  I wanted to see if they noticed the difference.  And they sure did! The husband asked if I had cooked the potatoes different because they tasted much better!  And they really did.  And the texture of the potato as well as the skins were great.  And the inside was YUM. MEE. 

With such little effort the baked potatoes were much much better.  And then we added on some shredded cheddar and bacon.......just can't beat it with a stick. :)

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