Monday, February 9, 2015

No More Nails

I splurge and do a few things just for me sometimes. We all need a little pampering right?  One thing I pamper myself with are massages.  I absolutely love a deep tissue massage where I feel like I've had all of the stress massaged out of me.

Another thing I do is to get my nails done about twice per month.  I don't enjoy this one quite as much. The tools make me nervous and I am just sitting there thinking of all of the things I need to be doing instead.  

I have always bitten my nails.  Always.  I remember when my first daughter was born (almost 21 years ago! EEK) my dad saying that since I will be changing dirty diapers now so maybe I will quit biting my nails. But that's what soap and water is for. :)  And I don't really remember actually getting poop on me too many times.

The only way I can have nails is to have acrylic ones. I start out with tips glued on and then after a few times I just have acrylic overlay applied to my real (thin as paper) nails.  This keeps them nice and strong and keeps me from biting them.

But I'm trying to take a break.  Mainly because of the damage this does/has done to my real nails. I was recently overdue getting them filled in and the acrylic was peeling away from my real now so I went to town picking every piece of acrylic off.  This is almost as pleasurable and addictive as biting them! :)

So now I am left with very thin nails with ridges in them.  

Can you see the damage???  The ridges??? :/

Ugh.  I'm going to try to be strong and NOT bite or pick at them.  To achieve this, my plan is to keep them cut very short until they are strong.  I'm determined to have real nails.  To help repair the damage I am using this-

I have used it in the past and it really does make my nails stronger-if I don't gnaw them off first. I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supply and it's only $8.99. I highly recommend it based on past use.  I just have to not bite and let it works it magic.  Pun intended. :)  I'm going to stay strong this time and NOT BITE MY NAILS.   Hopefully this time I can be successful!

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