Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doggie Door Solution

I wish we could have a doggie door for our high maintenance pooches.  We have a Shih-tzu and a Yorkie who love to go outside but never want to go outside at the same time!  I feel I am constantly up and down letting one of them in or out.  Something like this would be great......


But.....this won't work with our french doors which are the only doors that lead to our fenced in back yard. :( 


The only other option would be to cut through the wall beside our French doors and install one through the wall which would mean cutting through brick outside.  Not the easiest solutions.  So I will continue to let my doggies out 57 times a day.


One problem we had was that when they wanted back in they scratch at the door like they are on crack.  Which led to the bottom of our door looking like this:







Well the hubby spend one Saturday morning painting the door and cleaning it up the best he could.  We had discussed many times how we needed a kick plate or something to protect the door/paint so it wouldn't get like this again.  But again, a problem, a kick plate is too tall to fit under the window in the french door.  After measuring we knew it wouldn't fit either lengthwise or even going up and down to the right of the window.  We talked about trying to have one custom made but never did. 


Then we were in Lowes one day and looked again at the kick plates to see if we could come up with a solution and saw this...


Gatehouse Satin Nickel Push Plate



It's a push plate instead of a kick plate.  Meant to be installed where you "push" open a door with your hand. (In case you don't know what a push plate is!)  It was just the right size to fit under the door's window.  Hubby installed it in the bottom right corner where the dogs scratch and so far the new paint job is still intact!


This is what it looks like after about six months of use....



The push plate has some scratches on it, but better it than the painted door.  When the dogs go all psycho crazy with their scratching, they also tear into the weather stripping.  We have learned to cut just enough of the torn strip out and cut a sized to fit piece out of a new strip instead of replacing the whole thing.  This way we get several replacements out of one long piece of weather stripping.  Not to mention that it is much easier to replace that small section than the whole door.


You may also notice in the first picture that there is a slight problem with the blinds. :)  Just a little crooked.  Or shall I say broken.  That door is used many times a day-mostly to let out the high maintence dogs-and after about 4 years the blinds bit the dust.



The broken blinds are enclosed blinds that we added on to the existing french doors.  In other words the blinds are between glass.  When we built our house we installed regular faux wood wide slat blinds over the french door windows.  And when the doors were opened and closed they would sway back and forth a little and make noise.  Annoying.  These add-ons are great!  They install over the window and can be easily taken off and put back on if needed.  This is good in case the blinds happen to get stuck or caught.


We open and closed them often as well as raise them all the way up.  And apparently we were a little too rough on them and they got to where they wouldn't lower all the way back down.  Hubby replaced these as well with a new one.  We got it at Lowes but I cannot for the life of me find it on their website!  But it was around $130 if I remember correctly for one side.  But here is what they look like....




Here is what we SHOULD have installed when we built the house-doors that come with the blinds built in.  Next time!



Blinds Between the Glass French Door-Benchmark by Therma-Tru

The doors and blinds are looking much better and hopefully this solution will last a while. 



Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Colorado & Reno & Orange Beach....One Busy Summer!

It has been awhile!  Life has been busy needless to say.  And to tell the truth.....I just wasn't feeling it. Do you ever feel like that?? Just don't feel like making the effort.  Sad to say but this is how I have been feeling and instead of succumbing to the pressure I just decided to go with it.  If I wasn't feeling it then I wasn't going to do it.  So therefore no blog post for.....not even going to count how long!

I had a very busy summer to say the least!  In the months of June and July I spent the night in a hotel 27 times!!!! Racked up those hotel reward points! And just what made me spend the night away from home so many nights??? To sum it up in one word......SOFTBALL. Which makes me happy happy happy!  I love watching my girl play, sitting in my lawn chair with my feet propped on the fence.  

We visited a few closer states at first....Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia.  Then next up was Colorado.

We My husband decided we would drive to Colorado this time.  14 hours.  In a truck.  Never again. This is what we saw for miles and miles across Kansas.  

The first dozen or so were neat to see.  Kind of got tired of them though.  I did see some buffalo on the way but since the speed limit was 75 mph, we were driving too fast for me to get a pic. :)

We drove ALL THE WAY UP Pikes Peak- eeek!  Our last trip to Colorado we visited Estes Park and went all the way up.  Well I just thought that was way high up!  Pikes Peak kicked my butt.  When we made it to the top, I was light headed and could not walk more than 10 steps without stopping to catch my breath. It was not for the faint at heart! The above picture was before we made it up too far. That's why I'm still smiling. :)

Then our next trip up was Reno.......

We stayed at Circus Circus.  Because that's where our team stayed.  Never.  Again.  I will leave it at that.

We did fly for this trip though.  Thank the Lord.

On this trip our highlight was visiting Lake Tahoe.  I was in awe of its beauty!  

My Youngest Mal

We dined at Moe's Original BBQ and I highly recommend!  Being from the south and near Memphis (home of BBQ) to say that this place was great is a big compliment!  Memphis has nothing on this joint!  And what a view while eating!

Then since we didn't travel enough for softball (or maybe I just needed an actual vacay!) off to the beach we went!

It was a much needed girls trip to Orange Beach, AL. We enjoyed the sun (and the shade after we burned the first day) shopped and ate too much.  The water was murky the entire time but that didn't spoil our fun.

After all of my traveling it's back to the grind teaching 8th and 9th graders.  Whew...I'm tired.

But as you can see I had an extra busy summer so I guess it was no surprise that I wasn't "feeling it."  I was overwhelmed with traveling so. much.  

I just have to remember when I get that overwhelmed feeling that I CAN just let things drop (such as writing on this blog) and just BE.