Thursday, January 28, 2016

I did it! I finally divorced my fake nails!

They're Real :)

After 10 plus years of trudging to the nail salon..... and sitting for 1 hour every couple of weeks thinking about what else I could be doing.....and paying someone else to do my nails.....while thinking about how else I could be spending that money.....I finally have quit having my nails done!

Just thinking of the money I am saving and the time I am saving makes me giddy! Earlier this year I attempted to quit going to the nail salon.  (I wrote about it here.)  After a few false starts I have finally succeeded!

It has taken me this long to get my nails to where they are strong enough to survive without any kind of professional help. No more gel or acrylic nails for me!  And, knock on wood, no more biting my nails.  Yes, at the ripe old age of 44 I have finally quit biting my nails.  I'm not even tempted.  Yea me!

It was a process for me I have to say.  What finally worked was to transition from nail tips with acrylic overlay to gel nails. (Layers of gel polish on my own nails cured under a UV light between each layer.)  I had my acrylics soaked off and had gel polish applied.  But this was not strong enough for my very thin, very fragile nails.  And it also damaged my nails and kept them from getting strong. But after awhile I was able to quit even the gel polish and use my Nail Magic along with this gel polish from Wal-Mart.  This gel polish does NOT damage your nails and last about 1.5 weeks for me. And the Nail Magic has helped my nails to finally get strong!

It was a transition with a couple of false starts.  I went from the acrylic nails which are very damaging to my natural nails, to gel nail polish which was still damaging but not as bad as the acrylics, to the Sally Hansen gel polish which is strong and longer lasting than regular nail polish but does not damage my nails at all, to being able to even go without polish!

Not the Prettiest Nails....But They're MINE!