Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Got Me Some New Curtains :)

After living with naked windows in our breakfast nook, I finally got some curtains.  I have been wanting something for the double window that looks out to our covered pati.  I have always thought they needed a little something, but I had never found anything that I thought was just right.  I knew I wanted a print of some kind.  But nothing too crazy.  (Makes me want to say it like Bon Qui Qui-"But don't go crazy.") 

I had considered these from Wal-Mart:

At $20 per panel, not bad and I liked the scroll print, but I wasn't sure the tan color would look good against my sage green walls.  I was afriad it would look a little off.  And I really wanted grommet top curtains.

And these from West Elm:

Love the Ikat print but again, not sure about the tan color against my walls.  I think these would have looked better than the BHG ones, and they do have grommets, but still not sold.  And at $89 per panel, I passed.

Then on our trip to Colorado,  (last year....I'm slow at getting things done!) I got to go to Marshall's and BINGO.  I found the perfect pair of panels.  And get this.....for $25.  Yep. That's $12.50 per panel.  Since we flew to Colorado I was happy to get to buy something that would fit in my suitcase. :)  I tried to not even look at the bigger items at Marshall's since I couldn't take them home with me. :(

The fabric has a nice sheen on it and they are sort of a pewter color which I knew would look great with my sage walls.  And the print!  Love it!  I guess I'll call it a stick print. LOL

Here they are making my window pretty.......

Much better than naked windows.  Now I just need a new light, updated prints on the wall, and maybe a new table set?.....

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