About Me

I am a mom of two girls and a teacher from Arkansas.  I have a busy, busy life! I am married to Dave and we have two beautiful daughters, Mackenzie who is 20 and Mallorie who is 14.  I recently earned my masters in Educational Therory and Practice and I am a National Board Certified Teacher. 

I spend most of my spare time watching my youngest daughter play sports--volleyball and softball.  And missing watching my oldest daughter play sports.

When not sitting in a gym or on a softball field, I enjoy updating our 10 year old home and trying to organize my daily life to make it less hectic.  With a full time job and active kids, I have found that putting a little extra effort to clear the clutter from my life makes everything so much less stressful.  I am on a mission to organize my life and my home and update it the best I can with as little money as possible.